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Blue Norther believes in Keeping Texas Wild.

  • Without Texas land, Blue Norther wouldn't exist. Our company was born underneath a big, beautiful Oak tree on our family ranch, and our great flavors come from Texas fruits. In fact, we owe many of the best times of our lives to the great outdoors! Thanks to all this, conservation of wildlife, sustainable land use, and protection of vital habitats are close to our hearts.
  • As of April 2021, we're excited to kick off an ongoing partnership with Texan by Nature to support their mission: to amplify projects and activate new investment in conservation, in order to create a positive impact for Texas' people and land for generations to come.

Blue Norther supports live music and musicians.

  • Live music is the soul of Austin, TX. It's what the city is known for, and a big part of what makes Austin like nowhere else on earth. Starting during the pandemic when live music was hit the hardest, we support local musicians and venues through financial and other forms of partnerships.
  • We’ve donated thousands of dollars to organization across Austin that support a thriving local music scene - specifically, live music and live musicians. Notably, we supported C4AC, HAAM, and Superhero Kids at the 2020 Austin Cares Concert and have donated over $20,000 to date.

Our products have purpose.

  • This June and July, we're partnering with Texan by Nature to donate proceeds of all sales to inspiring and enacting Texas conservation.
  • With the launch of Prickly Pear in October 2020, we began a program to donate proceeds of sales to organizations with causes close to our hearts, and with colors that match our bold products. We partnered with Breast Cancer Resource Center, and donated $3,000 in the first year of this annual program.
  • We'd love to partner with organizations with meaningful causes and colors matching Wild Blackberry (blue) and Agave Lime (green) in 2022. If you have recommendations, please let us know through the submission form on this website!
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