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We're Texas Born and Brewed

Our family has been in the Austin area since Texas was part of Mexico.

The Battle of the Alamo


Our ancestor, James George, rode with the Immortal 32 to the Alamo to answer a plea for help. The night before the siege, he snuck around the Mexican army to enter the gates. During the battle, the 32 were killed along with nearly every other Alamo Defender in what became a pivotal moment in the Texas Revolution and led to our independence later that year.

World War II

War planes in flight

After growing up in the Great Depression, Austin C. Pittman, the descendent of James George, chose to join the fight in WWII. After flying over 20 bombing missions in the European theater, he returned to Texas and started his own business. He retired on a ranch in Lockhart, TX - the same ranch that his grandson Austin T. Pittman, grew up working Summers on.

Back to the Ranch


Following a career leading some of America’s largest healthcare businesses, Austin T. was ready to settle down on his own ranch about 20 minutes from that of his grandparents in Lockhart. The retirement, however, was short-lived.

The Aha Moment


At the end of a long day working on the ranch, Austin T. and his son Austin M. decided to unwind with a drink. A hard seltzer was refreshing, but it came with a strange aftertaste and confusing ingredients. They decided that they could do better - they could make a better-tasting drink with quality ingredients, that the people of Texas could truly be proud of. And so Blue Norther was born.

Our History Makes Us Who We Are

Texas-inspired Flavors

Because even flavor is bigger in Texas - especially when you use real fruit.

Heritage Artwork

Each can is designed with custom ranch-inspired artwork, and our colors begin as wildflowers picked right here at the ranch.

Brewed in Austin

We started here and have no intention of leaving.
What is a Blue Norther, Anyway?
It’s what folks around here call a fast-moving cold front across the Texas plains. We’re named for the winds and blue clouds that turn a hot day cool.
We believe in text

1. Crafting for Taste

Tastefully crafted, not engineered. No hard seltzer aftertaste, with complexity that will surprise and delight.

2. Supporting an Active Lifestyle

Blue Norther has low sugar, no gluten, and soft bubbles so you won’t feel bloated. We offer guilt-free refreshment to ranch hands and river floaters, picnickers and paddlers.

3. Simple & Clean Ingredients

We use only real fruit and sweeten our seltzer with organic agave nectar. No malt, no chemicals, and nothing fake.

The Bold Standard of Hard Seltzer

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